Revealed in Wrath

Event. Cost: 1.

Play only if you control a Noldor hero.

Action: Choose a non-unique enemy. Until the end of the phase, treat the chosen enemy's printed text box as if it were blank (except for Traits).

"…seeing an Elf-lord revealed in his wrath, they were dismayed, and their horses were stricken with madness." Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring
Sebastian Giacobino

Temple of the Deceived #61. Tactics.

Revealed in Wrath

I'm surprised there isn't a review on this card yet. It's only downside being that there aren't any Noldor Heroes in the tactics sphere other than Elladan, Revealed in Wrath is great across a variety of quests. I have used it to get rid of some archery damage for a round, negate engagement effects, etc. "Southron Archer" and "Uruk of Mordor" from the recent Sands box have been some great targets as are many of the differing versions of Nazgul you can encounter in other sets. I think it's also perfectly costed at 1 as well.

As enemies continue to have nasty text boxes and with the hope that we will one day see more Noldor Tactics support, this card will only get better. Unless they start getting trigger happy with the "immune to player card effects" clause or load up encounter decks with unique enemies, this card will always be worth consideration.

Using Revealed in Wrath to negate Archery doesn't work because Archery happens at the beginning of the combat phase before you get an action window. I agree that it's a great card though! — Warden of Arnor 5766
This card is fabulous in certain quests like Ettemors nightmare. — Lecitadin 193
@warden, thanks for that! Now I have to put asterisks on many a quest lol. Maybe just a few, but still! Archery aside though, still a great card. — SecondhandTook 571
This card can block the boarding keyword, wow. — NERD 808
I just discovered another fun usage: blanking the last Orc War Party to fulfill the win condition for Intruders in Chetwood :). — ironwill212 781
you can use it to kill a mumak or other big enemys that have the text "only x dm per round" — doomguard 1963