Having just taken Theoden, Thalin and Boromir through the Redhorn Gate I can say that he is definitely underrated. If not for his +1 boost to willpower both of my other heroes would have died at the final quest phase.

But outside of "low willpower means you can't X" effects for tactics decks what else is he good for?

Well for starters his boost applies to himself, so right out of the gate he is questing for 3. You add in his family Eowyn and that jumps up to an 8. He also can make Thalin contribute to the quest instead of just by damaging enemies. Characters with 2 willpower like Mablung and Merry also pair well to potentially put your starting questing power at 11 (when combined with our aforementioned Rohan heroes).

But the hero I absolutely love to combine him with the most is Boromir. His natural readying effect is great but adding an extra willpower didn't seem worth the threat before. Now that it's doubled you can quest hard with all of your heroes, and still have super Boromir standing by to ready and deal with any enemies that pop up. It's a great way to quest powerfully and race through scenarios.

Here is a link to the above named deck:


Sword-Thain also has added value on your unique tactics allies to add another hero. Golden Shield also combos well with its king. And if you add some Songs of Travel into your deck you could potentially get Herugrim, Snowmane or Steed of the Mark as well.

In closing for sure there are better heroes. But I would argue that there has not been a better hero for Mono-Tactic solo decks. As he corrects the main weakness of Tactics since the beginning. And appropriately I believe he was primarily made for the solo mono-tactics deck which fits the theme of the cycle he was release in. If you haven't given the Rohan king a try, he is that missing piece for you mono-tactics decks.

I really like this card. It does come with a heavy cost of Doomed 3 which will take some convincing in a multiplayer game. But it can have some major effects on the scenario depending on what is going on. A great way around the whole not being able to use it on new threats/locations revealed in the same round is to use Elf-Stone or Vilya to summon the White Wizard after questing. He can be a game changer and like most Doomed cards he speeds up the game one way or another for a powerful effect.

Weak stats for her cost, no seemingly helpful abilities, unique so you don't want to spam her. Emery doesn't have a lot going for her. But she does have one thing going. She is fantastic for Caldera decks to get the discard going. Dumping three cards into your discard will hopefully help get some more allies into the discard pile and you get a free ally at the end. Not a bad deal then, and probably why she came packaged with Caldera herself.

Well actually she has the right stats for her cost. Anyway she might also be useful in a mining deck and in a multiplayer setting if you have a mono Spirit deck having the freedom to put into play for almost no cost a character wherever it's more needed on the table has a great value I think (for example to avoid those pesky additional attacks from shadow effect which sometimes throw your plans out of the window) —
Your review is significantly under-rating her, I think. Firstly, she is basically free to play (if you think that the discarded cards is a cost, imagibe they were the bottom three cards of your deck- it only matters if you mill your entire deck). Secondly, as well as Caldara decks, she also sets up Noldor discard pile shenanigans. —
You do really need the mojo-spirit which I find limits her, I think she has her place though just not as good to me as the Elven Jeweller of you want the free discard Ally. —

Eleanor is incredible, for awhile in our four player fellowship we called her Queen Eleanor and voted her the most important hero in the group. Yes in solo she generally has a 33% chance to be helpful, but that number climbs up with each player added ensuring that by the fourth player you can pretty much guarantee at least one treachery being revealed.

Enemies we can deal with, locations clog up the staging area, but treacheries many times are game-ending and having Queen Eleanor to be able to swoop in and save us in our most dire need is incredible. Countless times she has saved us, sometimes multiple times in one scenerio.

Also as mentioned her with a Gondorian Shield is a nice backup defender if no treachery card is revealed. She also combos well with Blood of Numenor, Spare Hood and Cloak, Silver Lamp, Livery of the Tower, and Unexpected Courage if you want to use her in a defender/cancellation combined role.

For Solo she may not be the most efficient but when the fellowship assembles she is truly the star of the show.

Well, here you go, the attachment version of Stand and Fight, your possibity of playing Steward of Gondor without having any Leadership heroes at all or being forced to play a Song of Kings, works really well with the standard Spirit deck/hand milling. Obviously this can also be used to equip powerful tactic items like Citadel Plate in mono-Spirit which opens quite some new possibilities for Spirit.

Another thing to note is that this is a way to play attachments outside of the planning phase. The big distinction between this card and stand and fight is that there are tons of ways to play allies outside of the planning phase. As far as I know this is the only card that allows it for attachments —
Yeah, being able to play Forest Snare without having to eat an enemy attack first or recycling Path of Need are amongst the many fun uses of this awesome event. —
Awesome point about Forest Snare! And Path of Need is my favouritie attachment in the game. —