This is an awesome ally in any deck, not just Outlands. If you get 3 of these cards out at once that is a total of 12 which is perfect against Archery. This guy even makes a great chump blocker where there are shadow cards that deal 1 damage to the defending character since he boosts himself. No undefended attacks that way. Most people would say that Ethir Swordsman is the superior ally, but I see both Anfalas Herdsman and Ethir Swordsman pairing well together. If you get all 6 allies out you've got to feel pretty good about that. So forget Hirluin the Fair and Outlands in general, and include Anfalas Herdsman (and Ethir Swordsman) when and where you can.


Great card! Especially through the first few cycles. This card's best friend is Beravor and Will of the West. Can't play all your cards in your hand? No problem, just discard 3 for an extra 3 or 3 . This is truly the first real Noldor discard type card. It's true that the card becomes less useful as the card pool grows, but I just used this card to win The Steward's Fear in solo quite handily. It's a great way to put multiples of uniques to good use if you don't have Éowyn. So let go of those precious cards and power your way through the first few rounds. Use Will of the West, Dwarven Tomb or Erebor Hammersmith to get them back when you need them. Thanks Beravor!


What's up with this card? Erebor Record Keeper can scribe a scroll without looking at it. Not so much Eleanor. No beard, either. ERK has a beard. Eleanor can't really attack or defend. ERK lets you know this right on the card. The exhaust cost is steep considering the shadow card gets replaced. The replacement card also gets revealed Eleanor would make a good ally, but I don't think the card cuts it as a hero most times.

In 4 players I almost always bring her, cause you will face very often game-ending treacheries and Test of Will is limited in number (and might not have been drawn in time) —
Does that get her a beard? I guess it depends on what a player is willing to gamble. It's that second draw that's a concern. I'd bring her to Road to Rivendell for one card or for secrecy. —

I've found that there are really two parts to the Valour archetype. The first deals with increasing the stats or providing conditional abilities to allies when the player is in Valour mode. The second and more important part has to do with a medley of events that all have the Valour trigger. A deck that relies on events can be trickier to navigate, since those cards are generally a one time deal with a non permanent effect, unlike allies that will be around turn in and turn out providing a return on the investment of hand-space and resources. The difficulty is heightened when the events that need to be played are costly like many of those with the Valour keyword. In order to play the pricey events in your hand, you will need some sort of resource acceleration. To play those events at all you need to have them in your hand. Hope Rekindled is able to accommodate both of those needs.

First off, the event reduces the cost of any event with the Valour trigger by two. Since the Hope Rekindled has a cost of zero, you are essentially trading a card in hand for two resources. In an archetype which needs to play expensive events continuously (Horn's Cry and Rallying Cry cost two each, while Doom Hangs Still, Hour of Wrath, and Fierce Defense range from three to five resources) this type of resource-acceleration/cost-reduction is absolutely necessary. But besides the obvious benefit of cost-reduction, Hope Rekindled also plays a minor role in resource smoothing. If you are running a single tactics hero that has two resources in its pool but want to play Hour of Wrath then Bam! Slam down Hope Rekindled! Instead of having to wait two more turns you can play it right away! In addition, note that the resource reduction is not a Valour Action. This means that you can still reduce the cost of events even when you are still below 40 . Although this is a minor point since most Valour events don't want to be played outside of Valour mode, one can still conceive of a scenario where a one-cost Fierce Defense would come in handy.

While the cost reduction that comes with this card is great and much needed, I would argue that it is not even its most important effect. What good is reducing the cost to play events if you have none in hand? This card allows you to make sure that any time you have the resources to pay for an event, you will have an event to play. In addition, if one is searching for specific combos such as Horn's Cry and Hour of Wrath, you will be able to pull out whatever card you need, provided it is in the top ten cards of your deck. This ability to handpick the combos you want to implement cannot be overstated. There are few cards in the game that will allow you to search so deeply in you deck for such a wide array of cards. Westfold Horse-breeder is probably the nearest comparison. But even that card costs two resources while Hope Rekindled costs zero, highlighting just how efficient the card really is. Every archetype needs a card that can smooth over its economy. Hope Rekindled is that card in the Valour archetype.

One last parting thought: I find it interesting that the designers decided to make the focal card of the Valour archetype an event rather than the usual attachment or hero. Perhaps they felt the need to switch up the current meta and try something new.

I really like the Dunedain Pipe. It's one of those cards that isn't powerful on its own, but really shines as a multiplier when used with other forms of card draw. It's hard to call the Pipe card draw on it's own because it doesn't increase the number of cards in your hand, but what it does is allow you to see an extra card every turn, to help dig through your deck and find those cards you need.

Used by itself as the only source of card draw isn't going to be much use, eventually you'll play your cards or want to keep events in hand etc and then not feel the need to use it. But combine it with other forms of consistent draw - Beravor, Gléowine, Deep Knowledge, Galadriel, Prepare for Battle - and it suddenly feels there is always an option there you're not going to need the next few turns and don't mind burying for the chance at another key card.

Worthy of note is that because the card you give up is placed on the bottom of your deck rather than discarded, it's easier to see it again than it may be otherwise. It doesn't rely on having discard pile shenanigans, just the super draw you may already be taking, or something to shuffle up your draw pile which may or may not be part of your deck anyway. Things like Master of the Forge, Haleth, or Drinking Song are prime candidates here.

In different contexts this can be better than pure card draw as well - through the Ring Maker cycle this can be invaluable in still allowing to see more of the deck would on its own, without increasing the hand size and suffering the negative effects therein. And in quests where running out of your deck is a loss, this again allows you to keep the deck full while seeing more of it. Usually pure draw is better, but it's worth noting the corner cases.

Beravor is the obvious natural pairing, but it's also mentioning Thurindir here as he becomes a splashable hero that can provide card cycling to go with his side quest shenanigans. For bonus points, pick Prepare for Battle as the starting quest and watch him become a budget Beravor that can still quest. The Pipe will work with any Dunedain hero, as long as you've got Lore access. While it can go onto allies, having at least one Dunedain hero stops it being a dead card until you find the rest of the draw - you really don't want to rely on another card to get your draw engine running. But there are plenty of other Dunedain characters for the extra copies to attach to - notably Thalion you may have already if running Thurindir, and Northern Tracker is a staple of many decks,

The final note here is - it's repeatable, non-unique, and there are plenty of Dunedain characters onto which it can attach. You can use all copies you draw as long as you've got the characters for it to go onto, and then can use all three in a turn to just power cycle through your deck without caring who else is using it as well.