As pointed out by the lads over at cardtalk2018 in a recent podcast there is the reflection of a dwarven face in the top left of the axe that I never noticed before and will likely never be able to unsee. It legitimately jumpscared me because even as a newer player I've looked at this card many a time and never saw it before. Is this anyone else's first time seeing this?

Thalin has a cool ability and as we all know.. stats that don't support him. Except when it's suddenly time for sieges and battles, here he can suddenly quest for a lot more thanks to things like dwarven axes and armour that can be found in abundance in tactics. I also quite like chip damage against high defense enemies, it makes them a little easier to take down a turn or so faster when you might otherwise wound an enemy down to 1 hp. He's still not great, but I like him together with leadership Dain for some extra stat buffs.

This should almost be called horn-call of Rossiel, because of how much it synergizes with her ability. Now she can commit to questing and potentially help out on defense as well, as long as you send a common enemy trait to the victory display.

This is a great card draw tool, as mentioned below, I don’t think I have to convince anyone about it. But about the deck-thinning aspect, different from what others said, 3x Daeron's Runes make your deck size effectively 44, not 47. If you imagine you only have 2 cards left in the deck, after you play it you have 0 cards, so two cards less than the nominal number (it doesn't matter that you have to discard one, it's as if it never existed in your deck). In terms of card draw, you end up having the same hand size, but you see two new cards; often you have duplicates or cards you are not particularly interested in (or which you give less value to what you could potentially draw), so in many cases you thin your deck by one card (replacing Daeron's Runes) and get a new, potentially interesting card (thinning your deck by one more). A 0-cost card that does card draw and deck thinning this way must be one of the most powerful cards of this type.


Now with the new ALeP Eagles added to the card pool, this card has just gotten better. I run this in an all-eagle deck (with Radagast), and with a total of 30 cards having the Eagle trait (excluding the three copies of The Eagles Are Coming!), this is guaranteed to pseudo-draw at least 3 cards per use (unless you’re really, really unlucky). And with its ability to chain into another copy, I’ve managed to “draw” a total of 10 cards with this in one round. Certainly one of the very few reasons to own the Hunt for Gollum adventure pack (because the Quest sure isn’t), and it has aged like fine wine.