While many people are discussing the power of Thengel, Deeping Defender and Morwen Steelsheen, I think that the ALeP card that really allowed Rohan to become a top tier archetipe with the Children of Eorl expansion is this one. In a pure Rohan lineup this card compresses card fetching and resource acceleration in one very convenient and efficient package. And in a Bond of Friendship Rohan deck it can become even better, though I would argue that it's better in a normal 3 heroes deck simply for the possibility to include 3 copies of it in the deck

10/10 would ride to war with the Rohirrim again.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t say I’ve seen this card get a whole lot of love from the community. However, I believe that it does play a vital role in certain archetypes. Location control and questing decks have had limited viability in solo play for a number of reasons. The main one is the lack of combat stats in the allies that those types of decks rely on, since they generally only have willpower in abundance. But what if all that excess willpower was able to somehow pull its weight in the combat phase? Ride Them Down accomplishes just such a feat.

Too many questers on the table? Simply commit them all, slap down this card, and watch the enemy fade away. This is the utopian scenario, but let’s take an in depth look at the specifics of the card. It’s cost of two resources may seem steep on the surface. However, those two resources can potentially save you up to two or three actions. How so? At least one character will be needed to defend, possibly more due to shadow effects. Then, in a control focused deck, it is unlikely that you will have many heavy hitting combat characters lying around. It will probably take two or even three to do away with the enemy. Ride Them Down enables one to save the action used on defense. Then, it allows one to save the action(s) that would have been required to take out the enemy’s defense points. What’s left is an even swap. The same number of attackers required to take out the enemy’s hit points becomes an equal number of questers who can do the same thing via Ride Them Down. In a control focused deck, that quester may have already been committed regardless of whether Ride Them Down was played or not.

Although it needs the right situation to really shine, Ride Then Down is a stellar option for a deck that lacks high firepower but has an abundance of willpower. Outstanding in early to mid game when one has limited actions and a meager board state, this event has been both a game saver and a game changer.

I think that this is a very powerful card against tough enemies like trolls and dragons, if Gandalf, Gandalf, Saruman, Giant Bear, or Beorn for example are leaving play, something which they tend to do quite a lot.

It works particularly well with sneak attack, as that ally will leave play in the middle of the round —

The first time I saw this card I was definitely not impressed. I had not encountered the Silvan archetype yet, and the card was released in the midst of a cycle that had very little to do with the woodland elves. On its own the card is essentially a willpower boost that also allows one to recycle a card from the discard pile into your deck. But while the Galadhrim Weavers may appear insignificant on their own away from their fellow Silvans, around their own people they can be quite an engine, quietly equipping an entire archetype to function at its smoothest.

First off, the rareness of the ability to reuse cards in the discard pile should not be taken lightly. Previously, The White Council was the primary option. However, it could be used at a max six times per game. In a silvan deck that functions primary off of events this is quite problematic. This would allow The Tree People and Feigned Voices, the two most important Silvan events to be played at most a collective total of nine times per game. However, the Weaver completely resets this situation.

Let’s say that one has the Weaver and Feigned Voices in hand. The weaver costs one resource to put into play. She can contribute her willpower during the questing phase. Then, in the combat phase, return her to hand to play Feigned Voices. Now next turn play the Weaver again to shuffle Feigned Voices into your deck. And rinse and repeat. As long as your deck has a good source of card draw, you should be able to repeat this every turn with one or another of the silvan events.

Now of course, any other silvan ally could be used as event fodder, getting their abilities as well. However, before Galion arrived on the scene, there was no Silvan ally that cost one or less, meaning it could be played from the hand every turn. The Galadrim Weaver ensured that there would always be a silvan ally to bring in and out of hand as the situation required. Although Galion is more efficient when seen as event fodder, the Weaver still is what allows one to continuously make use of the silvan events. In addition, with the arrival of The Elvenking, there is often opportunity to use more than one ally per turn. In short, the Galadhrim Weaver is what keeps the Silvan archetype from slowly faltering after the first few turns. Without this lowly card, one of the strongest archetypes could not be what it is today.

Just got this AP and my three Helm of Secrecys don't have the damage clause in the last sentence. Just reads, "Swap those heroes, moving all eligible attachments to the hero from your collection." Think this is a misprint or another one of those FFG erratas they just added to cards without telling anyone? Can't find anything else on the internet that mentions this.

It means you can add all attachments on your original hero to the hero entering play. You may know that, and I feel like they could of written it better as well. —
He's saying that it looks as if you no longer move damage tokens. So Helm of Secrecy effectively fully heals the hero as well, now. Which is different from the version pictured above (except that there aren't any damage tokens to move b/c they all get discarded in the first sentence...) —
Yay, a good errata! —
I think... —
Can you host on an external website a picture of this "new" version of the card and link it? —
oooooh, i see what u mean —
Image linked for reference: https://pasteboard.co/JYQkEE6.jpg —