This is a very interesting side quest. While I think it is very underrated, it can be huge at times. For example, the other day I made a Harad deck with some of the cards I own and by getting this in my hand at the beginning of the game, it almost certainly means I can get a big ally out (like Firyal, Yazan, Jubayr) turn 2, which can be huge.

It's also a really good card to consider when playing a deck with three different spheres.

Who it works well with:

Thurindir because you can dig it out for the beginning of the game.

A deck that has high cost allies.

A deck which you use three different heroes of three different spheres of influence.

My opinion: 7/10 That's the link to my harad deck, if anyone is even interested. —
It's usually the third sidequest I add to my deck to get Thalion to Hero status. Neutral, 0 resources, and a useful effect = yes please. —

This card will get no reviews ever. Tom Bombadil will steal them all. For that reason, here you are.

From The fellowship of The Ring:

Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, bright blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow!

From The Adventures of Tom Bombadil:

Old Tom Bombadil was a merry fellow, bright blue his jacket was and his boots were yellow, green were his girdle and his breeches all of leather, he wore in his tall hat a swan-wing feather. He lived up under Hill, where the Withywindle, ran from a grassy well down into the dingle.

Thank you.


This card is truly great in the early game. Preferably when you have a side quest in your hand (and several others in your deck) or a main quest that you can explore within the first several turns. Otherwise, I'm not sure this card is worth a spot in a deck. Another use of it could be fishing out a side quest you've already done, but you have a double in your deck. To prevent it from being a dead card one round.

Who it works well with:


Any other heroes/players that have side quests.

My opinion:

Early Game: 8/10

Late Game 4/10

My go-to dwarf defense boost card. This card is so good. Not only does attached character get +1, but you when they take damage you can exhaust the shield to give the hero a resource. Trigger the shield response twice and you have basically paid back the shield cost.

Who it would work well on: Gimli (Works really well, because any resource generation works on Gimli. Also keep in mind that Gimli can't defend, take damage, exhaust the Dwarven Shield and then pay a resource to ready somebody, he has to pay the resource right when he exhausts).



Potentially Bifur.

Potentially Dwalin.


Dáin Ironfoot or Dáin Ironfoot.


Anyone else I'm missing?

My opinion: 7/10

What about Gloin and getting two resources per damage? Just add healing. The only drawback is the extra defense makes it less likely he'll be damage by an enemy attack. —
I should metion that I also very much agree with your above assessment. Gloin would just add to your list —
Great suggestion! With healing Gloin is amazing! —
Especially if combined with Song of Wisdom + Warden of Healing (+ hero Elrond somewhere on the table). You will heal away all damage and keep piling on resources. —

A need to have card if you're running Thurindir and side quests. I've seen this card deal up to 6 damage before and I know that it can do more. But I never use this card when not running a side quest deck. Also, keep in mind that this includes encounter side quests as well, not just player side quests.

My opinion:

When Running side quests: 9/10

When not running side quests: 2/10