Finally an always accessible version of this amazing card. It has all the usual problems of the Guarded attachments but once free it provides an unmatched boost to attackers, especially in decks with poor card draw.

A really good amazing card for the right defenders, from Erkenbrand to Denethor to Elrond, providing both and Hit Points. It has quite the steep price but it can be offset somehow with various shenanigans like Master Ironsmith or Erebor Toymaker, but it also resides in the best sphere for resource generation so it should not be too hard to play.

Another good Guarded attachment which can end up giving our really massime amounts of in the right decks. It can also be a good way to spread around some threat. Also such an iconic item is definitely a good inclusion.

As many Guarded attachments this has a very good effect once you control it but it can be difficult to manage depending on which card ends up guarding it. Still a worthy inclusion in many decks since it's neutral and I think it partners up really well with √Čomer.

A card which apparently can be quite costly, but the sheer versatility it can provide is really amazing and always welcome, especially across the table. I always try to put a copy in any deck, even as a 51st card