This is one of the best contracts in terms of fun. Even solo playing one deck. Sure, you generally get 3-4 attachments per game in play, but you can actually play all those cool guarded attachments that came in the Ered Mithrin cycle. I'm currently playing a spirit-tactics deck with Arwen, Cirdan, Grimbeorn, and I can focus on allies with strong willpower, Beorning allies for combat, and events to lower threat, cancel treacheries and shadow effects. I don't have to think about the attachments - how to draw them and how to play them. It's very straightforward to play it and I'm having a ton of fun.

Haldan+Burglar's turn=Wow —

In my opinion, this card makes the Dale archetype. I've had 2 of these out with valiant determination and a couple other attachments and they are bonkers. Throw in a spare hood and cloak or two and they're questing for 4+, blocking for 5+, and attacking for 4+ every round. Honestly, the picture should have them surfing on a wave of items, throwing wild stallions like boomerangs because that's how I picture them as they destroy quests.


Best card in the game. Seems the only way it would be fair is if it was restricted, but it's not. And for only two cost! I would use it for Beravor, so she can draw two cards for free, Denethor, Gimli, and especially Treebeard.

Played by itself, the Ring of Barahir offers a pretty good trade off of 1 resource for 1 hit point. But if you really want it to shine you'll need to give it to Aragorn so you can take advantage of his other artifacts like Celebrían's Stone and Sword that was Broken. All three of these attachments on him make him a 5 , 3 , 2 , 8 resource smoothing beast! The Ring of Barahir also shines in the SAGA quests with all the artifact treasures and most importantly The One Ring. That gets put on your hero at setup making the Ring a Barahir a 2 hit point boost for 1 resource on the first round if you draw it in your opening hand. Or you could fetch it with The Grey Wanderer contract and get the 2 hit points for free.

Another good target is Galadriel, with Nenya, her Mirror, the One Ring and a master card like Well-Preserved she can absorb all kinds of undefended attacks —

Hirluin is a very niche hero. I can't really see using him in anything outside of your typical Outland swarm decks. Maybe if you're on the fence when deck building and need a low threat leadership hero but even then he'll need his allies or else his stats will be wasted, and there are other better options like Denethor and Sam Gamgee in those regards. He does have a better pool of hit points for quests with archery I guess.