Radagast's Staff

Attachment. Cost: 2.

Artifact. Item. Staff.

Attach to Radagast. Action: Exhaust Radagast's Staff to choose one: Reduce the cost of the next Creature ally you play this phase by 2, ready a Creature ally, or return a non-unique Creature enemy engaged with you to the staging area.

Sebastian Zakrzewski

The Fate of Wilderland #154. Neutral.

Radagast's Staff

Gandalf's Staff was a powerful item when it was released and much speculation occurred Oger what a possible Radagast Staff would be. I don't think anyone is dissapointed in this final incarnation.

Three choices, all of them excellent. Readying a jacked up Eagles of the Misty Mountain or reducing its cost to get it into play in the first place are both fine options. And some random Lore trap synergy with the returning creature the staging area. All in all excellent!