Prince Imrahil

Ally. Cost: 4. 2   2   2   3  

Gondor. Noble.

While there is a hero in your discard pile, Prince Imrahil loses the ally card type and gains the hero card type.

"We must gather all of the strength that we can find."
The Return of the King
Gabriel Verdon

The Flame of the West #5. Spirit.

Prince Imrahil

Besides all the shenanigans in a Caldara deck this is still a powerful, though costly, ally for Spirit where it can help quite a bit in the combat department. It can also be more powerful if you are building around the Gondor trait with Visionary Leadership and Boromir. Also a great character and a nice artwork.

I disagree about the artwork — Truck 1423
Here's a 'rules' question... — prestovenger 35
Let's say you have Prince Imrahil in play as an ally and you attach Wild Stallion to him. Then you discard Caldara. Now Prince Imrahil is a hero. Does Wild Stallion drop off or is it still attached bc it was added while he was still an ally? — prestovenger 35
I think the horse would stay attached because the attachment condition is only checked while attaching. However, Imrahil's stats would not be boosted because the horse's text boosts an ally. — NERD 845
hmmm, good points! — prestovenger 35