Traffic from Dale

Event. Cost: 1.

Planning Action: Choose a Dale hero you control. Add 1 resource to its pool for each character you control with a player attachment. You can only play 1 copy of Traffic from Dale each round.

The talk was all of the trade that came and went on the waterways and the growth of the traffic on the river...
The Hobbit
Torbjörn Källström

The Wilds of Rhovanion #12. Leadership.

Traffic from Dale

This is essentially what mirrors We Are Not Idle for Dwarves without the card draw and exhaust cost. It can be absolutely nuts mid to late game. Or just enough to help you grab an early King of Dale. Not to be underestimated.

Zukin 165

This card is mental in a Dale deck. My first game playing a Dale deck I played two of these (number three was lost somewhere in the bottom of the deck) and gained 11 resources. Less the cost of the card, that’s a gain of 9 resources for two cards. (!)

Long story short, in the right deck this card is an awesome resource accelerator.