Risk Some Light

Event. Cost: 3.

Secrecy 3.

Action: Look at the top 3 cards of the encounter deck. You may select 1 card and move it to the bottom of the encounter deck. Return any unselected cards to the top of the encounter deck, in any order.

Dmitry Burmak

Shadow and Flame #136. Lore.

Risk Some Light

This is probably my favorite secrecy card. It's not the most powerful, especially in the face of cards like Resourceful, Timely Aid, and Out of the Wild. But I like scrying! And this card is good enough to warrant inclusion in most decks focused on encounter control, secrecy or not.

Okay, so in secrecy, this card is broken good and should be in any secrecy deck running Lore. Setup your next turn (more in solo) and potentially avoid a game-ending card for no cost! At full price, it is definitely more of a hard sell. That's a whole turn's worth of resources in a mono-lore deck. The effect is still very much worth it in solo, though.

Final verdict, I think one of two things needs to be true for this card to be truly good. It either needs to be played solo (worth it at full price) or in a secrecy deck (so in multiplayer, when fewer turns' worth of cards are seen, the resource cost is reasonable). Neither of those are hard to pull off, and if both are true; Risk some Light is mulligan worthy.