Red Book of Westmarch

Attachment. Cost: 3.

Artifact. Item.

Attach to a Hobbit hero. Restricted.

While attached hero is committed to the quest, each Hobbit character gets +1 .

Response: After you quest successfully, exhaust Red Book of Westmarch to add 1 resource to attached hero's resource pool.

Guillaume Ducos

The Land of Sorrow #110. Leadership.

Red Book of Westmarch

This attachment, especially when combined with the new Bond of Friendship contract, really gave a new edge to Hobbit decks. The willpower boost is really strong and the resource gain is great, in particular if used with Frodo Baggins since it can fuel its ability. Another good use I ended up getting out of it is with a Lore hobbit (like Pippin or Bilbo Baggins) to easily recurr Gaffer Gamgee and make combat an almost non-issue.