Gaffer Gamgee

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   1  


Combat Action: Return Gaffer Gamgee to your hand to choose an enemy with engagement cost higher than your threat. Until the end of the round, that enemy cannot attack you.

"Why? Why’s none of my business, or yours." —The Fellowship of the Ring
Romana Kendelic

Mount Gundabad #115. Lore.

Gaffer Gamgee

This card is so bonkers good in so many decks that I wonder when we will see an errata of some sorts. Until that time let us enjoy all the Gaffer goodness we can get away with, laughing in the face of Mumaks, Dragons, Krakens and so forth.

This is probably one of the strongest cards in the Hobbit archetype. In the long game it essentially gives you a recurring version of Feint, but a slightly higher cost. You can absorb a major enemy into your engagement area and keep it in a permanent stasis where it cannot attack. Recommended for inclusion in Hobbit decks with a lore contingent (ideally at least two heroes with lore sphere) and it may even be worth running multiples to get him earlier.

Red book of westmarch is his best friend - play it on a lore hero, there's your two resources every round. Plus he becomes a 2 willpower questor that then stops an attack — Mythik 197