Hero. Threat: 9. 2   2   1   4  

Gondor. Scout.

Resonse: After Hirgon quests successfully, play a  ally from your hand, reducing its cost by 1 (to a minimum of 1). Then, you may raise your threat by 1 to give that ally +1  and +1   until the end of the round.

"Hirgon I am, errand-rider of Denethor, who bring you this token of war." -The Return of the King
Aleksander Karcz

Beneath the Sands #55. Tactics.


A card with lots of potential. A solid low-threat hero in a sphere with relatively few, with meaningful traits. The ability is clearly powerful - providing both consistent cost reduction and allowing the play of allies with more information - you can pick your ally (and choose if to pump) to match the encounter cards revealed. Because you need consistent access to tactics allies and resources to play them, Hirgon is mostly going to see play with at least 1 other tactics hero. Therefore, expect this to work better in multiplayer, where you can be more confident in questing successfully. Although Tactics questing is being pushed, it still lags behind and the Hirgon deck is best suited for combat allies over questing allies.

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