Giant Bear

Ally. Cost: 5. 0   4   3   4  

Creature. Beorning.

Cannot have attachments.

Action: Ready Giant Bear. At the end of the phase in which you triggered this effect, shuffle Giant Bear back into your deck. (Limit once per phase.)

"As a bear he ranges far and wide."
Gandalf, The Hobbit
Brendan C. Murphy

Fire in the Night #61. Tactics.

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I’ve had a lot of success with this bad boy in a beorning deck. I would consider him to be the second best if not best target for a Beorning Skin-changer to transform into, the other target being core Beorn. You save 3 bucks and get a beast of an ally(no pun intended).

Even just to pay for this guy for the five resources would be worth it. You get a four attack ally which is very high for an ally and a great defender too.

He is also very eligible for a Sneak Attack or A Very Good Tale to just stay in for a phase trigger his ability and leave. He can be used similarly to core Gandalf in that way.

He is a very tough all to take down.

There are also many options in the sphere to pay for this guy for cheaper such as Hirgon, who lets you also give him a boost to and you want, there is also Mablung which works great because you will be triggering his ability consistently in a combat heavy deck like the beorning archetype.

He could also be included in any deck lacking in attack power such as the hobbit decks or scout decks or quest/location control decks.

All in all, this is not an ally to overlook when making a deck.