Attachment. Cost: 4.

Secrecy 3.

Attach to a hero you control.

Attached hero collects 1 additional resource during the resource phase each round.

Magali Villeneuve

The Watcher in the Water #62. Neutral.


Resourceful is probably the best example of what secrecy could have been. An extremely versatile card that is bonkers good in secrecy, and relatively playable if not. Sadly, most secrecy cards are only worth it while you're under that ever-important twenty threat threshold. Still, an extra resource a round is undeniably good, so if you're planning to run the long game; Resourceful might be worth the deck space.

This could be very helpful in an Ent deck with some threat mitigation. Reap the benefits by not being too hasty! — Mad Morderan 127
Building a deck for Shadow and Flame, I suspect it's going to be critical. — mtngrown 51