White Tower Watchman

Ally. Cost: 3. 1   0   2   3  


If each hero you control belongs to the same sphere of influence, you may assign damage from undefended enemy attacks to White Tower Watchman instead of a hero you control.

The watchmen cried aloud, and all men in the City stood to arms. The Return of the King
Ilich Henriquez

The DrĂșadan Forest #41. Neutral.

White Tower Watchman

This ally is a real god-send for mono-sphere decks, especially those lacking in the defense departments like some Spirit or Leadership decks. Not only can it quest (perhaps with a little help from Visionary Leadership) or defend, but it can also eat an undefended attack (or two), letting us putting to better use our heroes/allies actions in the combat phase. I would always try to include it in a mono-sphere deck (and it can also find space in some Song two-spheres deck I guess)

allies can't take undefended attacks — jvader 135
@jvader This ally is meant to do exactly that. — rezen 24
Can you assign this ally undefended damage when he is exhausted? — MJG31 5
Yes. — frozen 175