Hero. Threat: 13. 2   3   3   5  


Cannot have restricted attachments.

Action: Deal 1 damage to Treebeard to give him +1 and +1 until the end of the phase. (Limit 5 times per phase.)

"I am not altogether on anybody's side, because nobody is altogether on my side..."
The Two Towers
Guillaume Ducos

The Treason of Saruman #3. Lore.


Treebeard is an extremely underrated hero. Probably that he has such a good ally version doesn't help (as a rule I have one copy of ally Treebeard in every single deck I build).

But don't be afraid of his high threat, he is worth every point of it due to his amazing ability. Once you load up some Healing and readying on him (which is why he pairs excellently with Elrond hero) he becomes a repeatable rockstar. Throw an Ent Draught on him and he is questing at 7 and hitting for 8 just naturally. Find ways to ready him with Unexpected Courage, Lembas Bread, Cram, Miruvor (huh a lot of food items on this list) and so on and he will single-handedly quest big and win wars for you as a deck centrepiece.

My favourite combos with him are:

-Path of Need, Henmarth riversong and Burning Brand on Treebeard to make him stand firm against all assaults and then obliterate seas of enemies with his non-exhausting 8 attack.

-Fall of Gil-Galad + hero-saving cards (preferably free via vilya) and you have super threat reduction that you can trigger at any time.

-Elrond and any healers or healer cards (Wellinghall Preservers, Warden of Healing, Daughter of the Nimrodel, Self-Preservation, aforementioned Lembas)

He also pairs great with Gloin if you are going the Elrond healer route for some deck madness. Check him out and let Treebeard lead you to victory!

just note that a burning brand is restricted, so it won't work for Treebeard — BlackArrow 322
@Christian_Medic Better yet, the spirit Mithril Shirt will let you deal five damage to him five times per phase and cancel all of it. No penalty! — thorongil1 7
@thorongil1 I'm pretty sure Treebeard has a similar ruling to Erkenbrand, where you MUST assign damage to trigger the ability. — Aleron 3