Tom Cotton

Hero. Threat: 8. 1   1   3   3  


While you are engaged with an enemy with an engagement cost higher than your threat, the first Hobbit ally you play each round does not require a resource match.

Response: After a Hobbit ally enters play, it gets +2 until the end of the round.

Nicholas Gregory

The Mountain of Fire #4. Tactics.

Tom Cotton

Tom is a very fun card to use. I had a blast messing around with him in a semi-combat based hobbit deck. He combos sooooooooooo well with Raise the Shire, espesially when used with one of the stronger hobbits like Farmer Maggot. His first ability allows you to play allies from any sphere(Yay we can always have Rosie Cotton) and his second one increases the of hobbit allies the turn they enter play. Not to mention he is an amazing low threat here that can defend very well.