Erebor Guard

Ally. Cost: 4. 0   1   2   3  

Dwarf. Warrior.


Response: When you play Erebor Guard from you hand, discard the top 2 cards of your deck to reduce its cost by 2.

...the fortress of the dwarves could not be taken by surprise.
The Hobbit

The Sands of Harad #4. Spirit.

Erebor Guard

Cool art. Okay stats, but good HP. Sentinel is always pretty nice to have. Now his ability. You can pay all 4 for him, pay 2 and discard 2 from your deck, or pay 0 discard 4. He is a reliable defender that you can bring in turn 1 to defend, and buy time before you can get permanent defensive solution. Or keep him as a main defender.

My opinion:
Early game: 9/10

Late game: 5/10

Overall: 7/10

shure u can use the response twice? it not a use this or this startingplayer decide what first. if you take the response and do it, the "window" for response is over, or not? would be nice. — doomguard 1725
I don't think your can't use a Response 2 times on the same trigger. Or hero Elrond would get infinite heal for example. — Emmental 386
yup. My bad you're totally right. I rarely ever use this card. But when I do I use the two cost 2 discard. When I was typing it earlier I just thought of the 4 discard possibility. Thanks for explaining! — GreenWizard 304
If you attach 2x Ring ail he's pretty decent — Truck 1359
A Very Good Tale loves this guy. — MarvelsTold 4
Because of the warrior keyword, you can also add Rainent of War to him and he ends up being an outstanding defender. — Mad Morderan 127
If you want a good defender, just use Defender of the Rammas. If you want a dwarf, then you wouldn't use Raiment of War anway. — NERD 721