Redwater Sentry

Ally. Cost: 3. 0   1   2   3  

Dale. Warrior.

Reduce the cost to play Armor attachments on Redwater Sentry by 1.

Redwater Sentry gets +1 and gains Sentinel while it has an Armor attachment.

JB Casacop

The Wilds of Rhovanion #3. Leadership.

Redwater Sentry

This guy doesn't appear that strong at first. Until you look at what you can actually play on him. Hauberk of Mail is free on him and give him both of it's abilities, suddenly this guy becomes a 4 Defence 4 Hitpoints monster with the Sentinel keyword. Abuse him with To Arms! for maximum efficieny. Bonus points if you played him for free with King of Dale. Another strong Dale ally!

Zukin 164