Bilbo Baggins

Hero. Threat: 9. 1   1   2   2  

Hobbit. Burglar.

Response: After Bilbo Baggins commits to the quest, choose an enemy in the staging area. Until the end of the phase, Bilbo Baggins gets +X where X is that enemy’s . If the players quest successfully, deal 1 damage to that enemy (2 damage instead if it is guarding a card).

Tropa Entertainment

Mount Gundabad #112. Tactics.

Bilbo Baggins

The authors of this game did Bilbo dirty. Why 9 threat!? He should be 6, maybe 7. If he were he'd be much more playable. Most heroes' threat is the sum of their attributes. Not sure why Bilbo is an outlier.

The original lore #Bilbo Baggins had 9 threat, so this one has it as well, his ability is meant to compensate. — Fluffy1 29

While TaBilbo is not as good as he should be, he works well if you build a deck around him. Paired with another direct damage character like Thalin or Argalad, or heroes that can attack into staging like Éomer or Dúnhere (with helpers like Quick Strike ), Bilbo can help clear enemies before they engage while providing significant . To do so, Bilbo loves helpers like Hobbit Pony and Late Adventurer so he can commit to the quest after enemies are revealed during staging. He also, of course, works well with guarded attachments that prefer enemies, like Sting. So while he's not quite what we would hope for from one of the most iconic characters of Middle Earth, he's by no means just a sack of potatoes!

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