Reckless Attack

Event. Cost: 0.

Doomed 2.

Action: Each player deals 2 damage to an enemy engaged with him.

Down, heedless of order, rushed all the dwarves of Dain to his help.
-The Hobbit
David Keen

Under the Ash Mountains #87. Tactics.

Reckless Attack

I think this card looks very promising in Saruman decks, direct damage decks, but not only. For example, it is very useful in the Dread Realm quest where you are constantly overrun by reanimated dead, who have 2 hit points. You can also use this effect to soften up a beefier enemy, ready Saruman, and finish him off. It is a very cool toolbox card! Its value rises in multiplayer games, but it is perfectly fine in solo, too.

Rimogard 283