Helm of Secrecy

Event. Cost: 4.

Artifact. Item. Staff.

Limit 1 per deck. Action: Choose a hero you control and discard all tokens from it. Select a different non-, non- hero from your collection with a threat cost less than or equal to the chosen hero. Swap those heroes, moving all eligible attachments and damage tokens to the hero from your collection.

His hand clutched his heavy black staff like a claw.
-The Two Towers

Under the Ash Mountains #90. Neutral.

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Isn't it odd, that a helm gets the staff trait? I guess this happens when offering common sense to game mechanics.

Also, it seems there is a printing error; the first occurrence of token should probably be a resource token instead. (you cannot discard all tokens and then transfer the damage tokens)

Flrbb 107
The Artifact Item Staff part is a mistake of RingsDB (especially since it's an event not an attachment). — Alonewolf87 492
Yes, it appears to have the flavour text of Saruman's Staff as well. I guess the card itself is using Helm of Secrecy. . . — SordosTheDefenestrator 1