Helm of Secrecy

Event. Cost: 4.

Limit 1 per deck.

Action: Choose a hero you control and discard all tokens from it. Select a different non-, non- hero from your collection with a threat cost less than or equal to the chosen hero. Swap those heroes, moving all eligible attachments and damage tokens to the hero from your collection.


Under the Ash Mountains #90. Neutral.

Helm of Secrecy

Isn't it odd, that a helm gets the staff trait? I guess this happens when offering common sense to game mechanics.

Also, it seems there is a printing error; the first occurrence of token should probably be a resource token instead. (you cannot discard all tokens and then transfer the damage tokens)

Flrbb 115
The Artifact Item Staff part is a mistake of RingsDB (especially since it's an event not an attachment). — Alonewolf87 600
Yes, it appears to have the flavour text of Saruman's Staff as well. I guess the card itself is using Helm of Secrecy. . . — SordosTheDefenestrator 1