The Last Alliance

Contract. Cost: X.

Side A

Choose two traits, A and B. Each of your starting heroes and each ally in your deck must have either the printed A or B trait, but cannot have both. You must have at least 1 starting hero and 10 allies in your deck with each trait.

Setup: Flip this card over.

Side B

While you control more A characters than B characters, reduce the cost of the first B ally you play this round by 1, and vice versa.

Action: Exhaust The Last Alliance to choose a card in your hand or a card in play under your control. Replace each printed instance of “A” or “B” in that card’s ability text with “A or B” until the end of the round.

“The strength of the Elves to resist him was greater long ago; and not all Men were estranged from them.”
—Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring
Unknown Artist

ALeP - Children of Eorl #85. Neutral.

The Last Alliance

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