A Lesson in Caution

Event. Cost: 1.

Secrecy 1.

Action: Draw 1 card. Then, either reduce your threat by 2, or the next card you play this phase gains secrecy 1.

Hobbits go light, and their footprints are not easy even for a Ranger to read… —The Two Towers
John Howe

ALeP - The Aldburg Plot #4. Leadership.

A Lesson in Caution

There's really no drawback to it. If you're in secrecy, it's free and essentially gives you resources. If you're not in secrecy, it reduces your threat, hopefully back to secrecy! And either way it gives you a card. Simply put, this card is awesome. One coin (or nothing, in secrecy!) for 1 card and -2 threat in ? Thank you very much, ALeP!!!

Turgon 557
I would say this card is also great with Valor decks, especially Mono-Leadership ones. Pay one resource to buy yourself two extra turns while thinning you deck is amazing. — NERD 808