Win Without Questing?, Take 2

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Sfrug 9

I wanted to know if one could win without questing — a nice challenge, given that questing is, generally, how one wins the game. This is my attempt to do that.

Please note: this deck is still under construction. I am imagining it going against one of the simpler scenarios. I am new to the game, so I don't really know if this will work. (Or if maybe it's already been done!)

And yes, 63 is too many cards. I know! This is down from 83, which was what my first draft had. I'll get there!

The strategy: put two Blade of Gondolins on Legolas. Pump him up as much as possible with other attachments (not restricted, since BoG is restricted & we've filled those slots) — Captain of Gondor, Dúnedain Mark. Then load him with readying attachments — as many Unexpected Courages as you can find, Lembas, Miruvor. And then have him kill things, putting 4 progress points on the quest/location each time.

The only other way I know of to put progress directly on a quest is Ravens of the Mountain, so it's in here, as is Scroll of Isildur in case I need to recall it for another go-around.

Meanwhile, use threat reduction as much as possible to counter the effects of not questing — Merry will reduce threat each turn an enemy comes out (when there's no enemy, he'll be exhausted to employ a Ravens of the Mountain), Galadhrim's Greeting and Favor of the Valar will be played, etc. And the Lore Aragorn has his one-time full threat reduction, to be hoarded & used carefully.

Another thing that's in here is as much location management as I can find (leaving out those allies that quest to use it): Evening Star, Strength of Will, Expert Trackers, Arod & Asfaloth, Eryn Galen Settler, Greyflood Wanderer, Riddermark's Finest, Woodland Courier. Hopefully these can dispatch the locations, so that Legolas & Ravens of the Mountains can actually make progress on the quest.

Other things: other than the one-time threat reduction, Aragron is for defending. I threw in a few cards to pump him up — Raiment of War, Gondorian Shield in case I don't get Raiment, Blood of Numenor, plus some healing with Ioreth. A few other allies will defend too — Defender of Rammas, in particular, but also Jubayr and Déorwine — so that Legolas can kill multiple enemies in a round.

That's most of it. Dunedain Hunter is to go look for enemies for Legolas to kill, and maybe help him kill them if necessary. Good Harvest is resource smoothing. I wish I had better resource production in this deck, but I can't think of what it would be.

Now, of course, I need to narrow this down and to play-test it. I don't have OCTGN — I have a Mac & it doesn't seem to work on that — and I don't own all these sets, so I haven't been able to do the latter yet; I thought I'd do the former once I manage to play-test it and see what I wish I had and what I'm not using.

Comments & Suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Oct 10, 2018 Goggen 80

Proud Hunters should be great for resource production.

I would drop Dúnedain Mark as it's and there's no need for Legolas to attack alone. You can just support him with allies in stead.