The Legend of Amarthiul

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dragonwarriorfan 531

I wanted to have some fun with the Noldor/Dunedain theme and Amarthiul's stats have always seemed interesting. So, here is a first attempt at an action advantage deck with him handling combat.

I'm not sold on the third hero yet - Arwen, Spirit Glorfindel or Eowyn, but Arwen seems to work well with the added resource generation and ability to discard for Elven Light. The Silver Harps are for her and Cirdan and to help offset To the Sea, to the Sea! and Steed of Imladris.

All the signals, the sword, and Unexpected Courages are for Amarthiul. Light on Cirdan and Tale of Tinuviel makes Amarthiul a powerhouse.

Sneak Attack, Stand and Fight, Galadriel and Weather Hills Watchmen are there to help dig out the Attachments.

The idea is to have a One Deckish approach with

  1. No questing problems
  2. No combat problems

Planning to start testing tonight and will post updates.

I welcome any suggestions!


May 03, 2016 serre 105

You got kinda expensive leadership allies so i should add narya 3x in your deck to get the leadership icon. i would add gandalf as well and use the sneak attack with gandalf not with galadriel. If you play multiplayer games -> campfire tales is also a good card to add.

grtz wes