Trouble in the Forest (Lore Aggro)

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dragonwarriorfan 555

Tired of grinding through a quest? Hit the one hour mark and still not halfway though? Turtling just not for you? This is the anti-ent deck. Its purpose is to play fast or burn out trying. I've had some great successes and spectacular failures, but its always been interesting.

I'm not a janky combo-player, so for the most part the cards work regardless of the draw. I did make some changes to get more cards out (Peace and Thought) and add Defense (Arwen, Guardian of Rivendell, Cloaks).

All the healing and associated bonuses fuel Treebeard. Even if you don't draw any help for him, he heals 2 with Glorfindel+Elrond every round. The Imladris Caregivers can heal up to 3 a round.

It was built to be a solo deck, so Henamarth pulls super duty. He was invaluable in Voyage for the scrying after sailing tests.

The card draw is great, hence three of for Protector. You can use it on multiple heroes in a round, if needed. The effect triggers Galdor's response, as well. Peace and Thought seems counterintuitive in a deck with this much threat, but Light of Valinor and Lembas can help balance its use.

Elfstone or Vilya for the high cost cards (Gandalf, Noldor allies). Vilya also pays for spirit and I added a Song of Travel in there to help try out Lords of the Eldar.

If you're felling really crazy, take out a Core Gandalf and put Over Hill in - you've got 6 rounds if you don't find help then.

The one thing keeping this from being a Noldor theme deck is Treebeard, but I find he is pretty essential for taking down the more recent high defense enemies. I may play around with Galdor in there and see how it goes. If I do that, I'll add another ally Haldir or Master of the Forge.

Quests Beaten So far: Voyage Across Belegaer