Where Eagles Dare

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Christian_Medic 273

Eagles in its purest form. Mulligan for Radagast's Staff and Wizard Pipe, Gwahir's Debt + Unique Eagle Ally + Core Gandalf is also an excellent combination to get early on and start "sneak attacking" the Wizard in. If you need a strong defender right off the bat, Gondorian Shield or Captain of Gondor on Boromir is a solid low cost start, but it's all about Radagast's Staff. Word of Command/Gather Information is there to get it into play sooner.

First Support of the Eagles goes on Boromir to defend and the rest go on Legolas to be able to destroy up to three enemies each turn once he is atop of his double Rohan Warhorse combo.

The Eagles are Coming has over 30% chance of bringing in more allies so card draw will be good and the staff + Horn of Gondor can help pay for the beasts.

Great solo or multiplayer deck though you will want to start playing EotMM and Meneldor as soon as possible for some stronger questing allies.