Elrond : Steward of Middle Earth

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Aorakis 510

Aorakis has a newer deck inspired by this one: Elrond : Steward of Middle Earth

With that new Denethor, it seems right to try to make an "old" "new" version of that good old classical Elrond-Vilya.

Nothing fancy here, Classical (Elrond-Vilya-Imladris) combo is there.

Once in place, the deck can put 2 expansive allies in play per turn.

Be Aware that the deck is still in progress, so it is far from being Optimized, but it already make some good results.

Well... Nothing else is needed to be said here ;)

This version looks quicker than old ones, thanks to Denethor ! Who can bring that Steward Turn 1 and provide the 4th ressources to Elrond every turn once in place !




May 16, 2016 chrsjxn 4241

Do you even need Vilya? With Elrond + Steward + Arwen you can get 4 resources per round that can be used to pay for any ally. (Not to mention the leadership and spirit resource that the other two heroes get by default.)

Only Beorn and Gildor are more expensive than that can pay for in one round.

May 16, 2016 Aorakis 510

Vilya = 1 more expensive ally (card) per turn once Elrond get light of valinor or Unexpected courage it's 2 expansive cards per turn, wich is double fast !

I'm also waiting for the next 4 cost allies to come, for making an "Everything cost 4 deck" with the same heroes i think.

Anyway, a lot of different version are possible here. With only 4 cost, the door is open for cards like "A very good tale" wich can make the swarm crazy.

This version here, is a first throw. And it already works fine.

I might add 3 Master of the forge for having that Steward faster. Coz without it, the deck may "grip" as you need a lot of ressources to put allies in play.

So steward is the core of this deck.

I'm still working this out, so, some changes will came by soon or later ^^

May 16, 2016 Aorakis 510

An other version (With Galdor instead of Arwen) here : ringsdb.com