Sentinels of the Riddermark

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Elessar010 502

This is a combat deck I've been thinking about with a little Rohan theme. It's meant to play next to a primary questing deck, but I haven't made one or don't have a particular one in mind for it, just thinking of a deck I could sit down with someone who has a questing deck they like, but might need a combat partner.

Top defenders with Erkenbrand, Wardens of Helm's Deep, Deorwine, and Arwen to buff Erkenbrand. Plenty of options to cancel shadow effects with Erkenbrand, Armored Destrier, and Deorwine.

Aragorn with Roheryn is essential to get the Tactics icon and become the primary attacker along with the Riddermark Knights and Gondorian Fire and Steward. Aragorn can also gain Ranged to help attack enemies across the table, but otherwise, it might need better ranged options since it's supposed to help out with all combat.

Spirit Eowyn just quests to help out there, and offers a way to draw with Elven-light. Otherwise, Rod of the Steward is my only draw option.

Still working, but I thought this was a quirky take on Rohan theme overall.