Once upon a time, i was tired of all those Sneaky Gandalf

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Aorakis 391

Just a little "funky" deck using the second version of Gandalf's ally !

When i saw that Merry 2 coming, like a lot of people, i immediatly thought about making something around Gandalf v2 !

So here he is : The V2 !

Basically Aragorn 2 allow to play a lot of Doomed cards, accelarating the drawing, and the chance of having key cards in hand.

The Seing stone are there just for grabbing Legacy of numenor if you need a burst of ressources to play gandalf v2.

Once you get everything you need, or part of it, you can reset your threat with Aragorn's ability and then Merry try to do his best to control the +2 Threat from the old Wizard !

Nothing fancy here, just a funny idea for a funny deck.