Sinking Battleships

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dragonwarriorfan 568

I built this for the Grey Havens box, but I think it can be fun in a lot of different scenarios.

The initial idea for this deck was to keep threat low enough that ships don't engage while Bard takes them out at range in the staging area (Great Yew Bow + Boosts). Merry is there to keep your threat low (attach Hobbit Pony and only quest with Merry when you need). Eleanor was there for treacheries, but Eowyn was a better fit for adding questing power and discard fuel.

The Noldor are primarily questers and when needed, chumps. Stand and Fight is there to get them back, Children of the Sea and Lords of the Eldar for boosting.

The eagles are there to boost Bard's attack. Bonus if you can get Misty Mountain out early and use it with Support. Unseen Strike and Black Arrow are also there for tougher enemies. Put one Unexpected Courage on him and the other on Merry if you don't draw Hobbit Pony early.

The Eagles are Coming is there for mustering but also to reshuffle your deck when you don't find anything in the top five cards with Stargazer.

I haven't needed Test of Will yet, but I could see it instead of Halfling Determination.