Aided By His Father

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Jreilly89 152

Jreilly89 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Aided By His Father

Another semi-thematic deck. I've always been interested in King Thranduil, and what better way to use him then with his son Legolas and Legolas' best friend Gimli!

Ideally this deck will have a lot of allies popping in and out. Celebrian's Stone, Orcrist and Heir of Mardil go on Gimli for max damage and hopefully some overkill to trigger a ready. Mirkwood Long-knife goes on Legolas for willpower and killing along with Unexpected Courage. Thranduil is our main defender here, with Elvenking and Ancestral Armor. Gimli is there as back-up defender in case we see two attacks.

Wild Stallion is maybe not the best card since we will be bouncing so many allies in and out, but could be useful for guys like Haldir or Silverlode Archer.

I originally had Steward of Gondor in, but I subbed it out for a proxy O Lorien.

I'm not 100% on this deck, but it seems like a great first effort.