For the love of Songs

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dtnorris 68

Probably just a silly gimmicky deck...

But ever since the first Shadows of Mirkwood cycle and the sphere song cards + Rivendell Minstrel I have just always had a pet love of the song cards. Every time I've seen a new song card come out I've felt that much closer to a silly "song" style deck. Especially with the Love of Tales it felt that much closer, and now with To the Sea, to the Sea I think I might be able to make it work.

Caveat here, I'm still not leveraging the "full" card pool yet. I am only opening packs as I at least play/beat each scenario within them once. But I've got the deluxe packs open through the Grey Havens + the Flight of the Stormcaller mini pack open. In particular if there are other packs that'll unlock more song cards that'd meaningfully augment what I've got, or combo harder than just Love of Tales I'd probably enjoy hearing about what to aim for.

But this is what I could put together with what I have so far, and I'll see if it can meaningfully tackle any quests!

Combos. The dwarf heroes are there to leverage Durin's Song, and Gloin to leverage the Song of Mocking for resource acceleration. Bifur will be your defender with a couple Ring Mail's and Arwen out. The ally suite is primarily there to leverage To the Sea, to the Sea, and also (with Gildor and Glorfindel) to give you a lineup that has a bit more of a chance of actually "winning" scenarios. Imladris Stargazer, Master of the Forge, and Rivendel Minstrel are all there to help your card draw engine move along. Along with the 3x Rivendel Blade's I am really counting on Glorfindel and Gildor to be the way you kill enemies in this deck, and that may ultimately not quite work out. If that happens I may swap in Gimli for Gloin, although that'll sacrifice meaningful resource acceleration.

Heed the Dream is purely to leverage the hoped for resource acceleration that you should see on Gloin + Citadel Plate. And also because this deck is a bit of a "combo'ish" deck that will really want specific cards that should help you get what you need. On the flip side though that card is one of the 3-8 or so slots (like Erestor) in the deck that are probably open to switching around.