The King, the Queen and the Hobbit [Thematic&Good for Solo!]

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Eriol 4

I'll write a more detailed description when I get time, but this is a pretty solid Solo deck for those who don't want to play any of the 'meta' decks like Outlands, Vilya or Silvans. It's also fairly thematic - you could think up a plausible story for why these characters would go on a journey together and there are no obvious flavor breaks in the vein of "Zombie Thorin is Steward of Gondor now". It even so happens there are exactly nine unique characters - alternate Fellowship, anyone? (But you can't play the Saga boxes due to Frodo - sorry...)


May 19, 2020 Alonewolf87 1561

No Elrond's Counsel? Sure you have Loragorn threat reduction but those can still be quite useful. Silver Harp too, maybe with a Steed of Imladris for more "quest power". Some Deep Knowledge could be good too instead of the Peace, and Thought.

May 20, 2020 Eriol 4

@Alonewolf87 Thanks for your comment! I know it looks strange to leave off Elrond's Counsel, but I found that in Solo the demand on every single card to contribute permanently to your boardstate is quite intense, so that smallish one-shot effects like this just aren't worth the card slot. I might be wrong though. More threat reduction would be nice after all...As it is, you really cannot afford more doomed effects beside Frodo, hence why Deep Knowledge is missing, too.

As for the other cards, unfortunately I don't have them in my collection! I really should add the restrictions the deck was built under to the description too, when I get around to updating it.