First Turn Grimbeorn

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Denison 575


Mad resource generation plus mad card draw equals a flood of Gondor allies OR a first turn Grimbeorn in Conflict at the Carrock (if you happen to draw him!)


A player only needs 4 more resources in the first round of Carrock to get up to the needed 8 Leadership resources to pay for Grimbeorn if he happened to come out right away. Drawing 10 cards in the opening hand means it is quite feasible to draw into a few of the 9 resource generating cards in the deck to pay for the cost of Grimbeorn.

Realistically the chances of seeing first round are nil, but that fact that it could happen speaks volumes about the power of Denethor and the current card pool.

So what do you do otherwise? Amass an army of Gondorians, that's what.

The best opening hand is a lot of resource acceleration and a few non-unique allies.

Henemarth and Faramir are also key components, so much so that another copy of each could be included.

The deck is meant for solo, but there's no reason it couldn't meld nicely in multiplayer.


The main goal was to see if I could pay for Grimbeorn right away in the Carrock scenario. I didn't draw him right away, but paying for him was obviously a breeze. What surprised me was how easily it beat the Nightmare version as well, without Grimbeorn's assistance. The key in each success was using Gandalf every time to lower threat, then take the trolls one at a time.