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Samuel San 12

This is a deck i considered as a 3 players campaign. The other two decks are Hobbits and Rohan themed. I liked the idea of not swarmig out my board and help my friends with my heroes, which all have a keyword to interact in other combats. Having access to spirit and lore I also had the possibility to include useful events for combat and questing: then i saw Song of Earendil and Aragorn combo and in tryed to focus on my survival, since getting all the treat would lead me to get aggroed by every enemy. This is the result: the card pool is limited, wich is part of the fun for me right now, but has enought potential to go long way. With miners, Mathom and some help from the other players I think you can reach the bottom of the deck, that's why i got 2 Will of the West in the deck (in case one gets discarded by the miners.

Hope i can get any suggestions on how to modify it, thanks!