Dance with the eagles

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perseflamme 55

I heard a lot of people saying Gwaihir is useless, like it was said for Caldara when she arrived. Well, Gwaihir is weaker than her for sure (before her nerf), but you can enjoy it a lot and cut out thoses rumors. Gwaihir deserves respect and here's a deck to proove it :

The aim of this deck is to use Gwaihir like Beorn in early game. While your partners are not in place, and when they need this big help from their friend, to defend AND to attack : You're here !

  • For the whole game, we need Gwaihir to ready, and ready again. We'll do it in two ways :

1 / Attachments are our best cards : Unexpected Courage, Lembas, and Miruvor. Put this one back on the top of your deck and draw with Beravor. Use Reforged on others.

2 / Eagles can help while jumping. It's fluff and very exiting to play those eagles and to make them go back to your hand... In order to do this, we need low cost eagles like Vassal of the Windlord and Wilyador. other are too expensive, and can be replaced but we want to play eagles, are we ?! So they're here too^^ To make them jump, use Flight of the Eagles, Meneldor's Flight and Stand and Fight.

  • This deck has other stuff for helping the table : Handling treacheries with A Test of Will and afford some healing for the table with Ioreth and Warden of Healing

  • Arwen brings resources and draw, but especialy give access to Lembas and Elrond's Counsel. Beravor can quest for 2 and make you draw with an Unexpected Courage. You can use her resource to pay for Ioreth, wilyador or ready Warden of Healing. There's no need of more than 7 eagles. With all the drawing possibility, you almost will have one on turn one all the time if you want. And if you don't have them, then you have lembas, miruvor or unexpected courage you lucky !

  • Some cards are not useful for the deck to function : Horn of Gondor, Raven-winged Helm, Support of the Eagles and Hour of Wrath. You can exchange them with what you want. Horn of Gondor goes on Arwen, Raven-winged Helm helps a little, and i put the two others just for the 15 minutes of glory to defend at 7 then attack at 7 on every engaged ennemies without exhaust, just with the plain, simple, Gwaihir ! Well. i must say it doesn't happen often and you should have win or loose before it happens, but it's cool if it works !

This deck is versatile, and not easy to handle. Don't forget : Your aim is to help friends (even if the real part is to show them Gwaihir is relevant^^). All is done on the fisrt or second turn, where you want to quest at 7, defend 2 times and attack and kill one time. This can only be done by adapting to the situation, that's the deal and the exiting part of the play ! Choose wisely.

After the two first turns, friends are in place and two or three turns after, they should have better ways to quest, attack or defend than yours. Now you're here to help, not to handle the quest.

Have fun, i have a lot because of its versatility ! MAJ : Change title