The Bear and the Maiden Fair

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Sep 05, 2020 TheSteward 32

Decided Beorn and Eowyn made a good mix of attack and quest. There isn't enough love for hero Thranduil, so I chose him as my defender.

Beorn can focus on paying for attacking Beorning allies, hoping for some early Skin-changers and/or Sneak Attacks, and buffed by Beorn's Rage. Spirit and Leadership allies focus on Questing and progressing Locations. Faramir's association with Eowyn, as well as his general kick-assery, make him essential.

The deck has few Attachments, since Beorn cannot have any. They are mainly here to buff Thranduil's stats and Eowyn's Questing, as is the event, Lay of Nimrodel.

Test of Will and Feint help with some control over encounter and enemy cards.

Sep 06, 2020 jvader 127

i might swap mirkwood long knife for herugrim or golden shield for eowyn and add a few more snowmanes