Arwen's Aviary

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Ranger of the Force 27

This is a solo eagle deck with some utility in multi-player. The idea is to get Elf-friend on Hama and use Arwen's discard ability to place extra resources on him to pay for Eagles, often discarding Elven Light, Descendent of Thorondor, or a less useful card in hand. Along with Mablung, you should have plenty of resources for your feathered friends. But what about getting those eagles so you can spend your stockpile of resources on them? Hama recycles The Eagles are Coming (or a timely feint if need be) to call forth your birds of prey. Simply discard your Elven Lights in exchange. Questing is handled by Arwen, Mablung (once defensive Eagles are present), the swordsmen, and travelers. You are looking for Elf Friend and/or The Eagles are Coming in your opening hand to get things started.


Jul 10, 2016 shoreless 26

I liked this one very much! I didn't get Elf-friend in time so I had a lot of expensive Eagles in my hand. Other than that it was vera nice.