Mono-Lo Silvan Ent

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JsBingley 53

Simple thought of Ent deck for solo.

Because the Ent card are mostly lore, so use the mono-lore heroes, Mirlonde can make the starting threat at a conceptable level.

Starting with an Ent character allow you to play Entmoot and Ent Draught at the first round when is the hardest time of an Ent deck, so I choose the hero version of Treebeard.

Haldir with 2 Bow of the Galadhim is deadly, Advance Warning can give Haldir more oppotunity to attack the stage. With windfoot, Haldir can always commite to the quest and stand with a emeny reviewed, with Riversong, he almost can stand every round.

Silvan Tracker and Wellinghall Preserver can heal all the characters in this deck.

Song of Battle is needed for the tac Ent card and Bow.

Scroll of Isildur, Mithlrandir's Advice are always welcome for the mono lore deck.

That's all.