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The Black Gate Opens - 2 Players - 2021-06-06
Mount Doom - 2 Players - 2021-06-07
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alandor 36

Currently using this to play two handed with my other deck Keep it secret.


Jun 04, 2021 Uruk-guy 227

Very cool. I love the use of the Minas Tirith Lampwright and throwing Mablung in there. The amount of draw should be more than enough too, and most of the can go to Eomer. I like it! The only thing I might add is Gúthwinë to get back some Rohan allies.

Jun 05, 2021 alandor 36

@Uruk-guy thanks for the feedback. I tried it with Gúthwinë but I rarely had the resources on Eomer to play it. I really like Éomer and use his ability almost every round.