4 completionists. (they do all the side quests)

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4 completionists. (they do all the side quests) version two 1 0 2 1.0
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Angellix 50

Angellix has a newer deck inspired by this one: 4 completionists. (they do all the side quests) version two

Why you may ask. Cause you see that encounter deck? That's your encounter deck fill it with all them support cards while you go completionist and do all the side quests. You thought 4 heros was cool well meet my friend thalion he says 5 is better. I always feel dirty using this glorfindel but hey you need the lower threat and a noldor he fits the bill. Is this deck good you ask? Don't ask dumb questions we are like 10 years into this game we dont play good decks anymore we are here for the memes! but a note on that it may not be the best deck due to limitations on deck building (the main limitation being its 4 in the morning) but I would love anyones advice lol. or tell me how it goes if you test it.


Sep 01, 2021 cazathorn 31

Get yourself a defender and this just might work! Erkenbrand, perchance?

What's your preferred opening sidequest?

Sep 01, 2021 Angellix 50

You are so right just spent my night shift tweaking and playing this deck and well there are several issues. 1 this is the first iteration and it has too many cops of some cards since the contract limits you to two. Ooof 2 I was using glorfindel to block which wasn't bad till some hill trolls which was... bad. More on that later 3 I like keeping eomer as he makes the guarded cards from bilbo feel less punishing as sometimes you can outright kill them between the two of them ( I included some that can be guarded Location by accident 4 am here not my prime time lol) 4 i normally took thw quest Gather Information to get Light of Valinor so glorfindel stops trolling my threat or another oh crap card that fit the moment. 5 I feel like the blue support card [Flight to the Sea] (/card/17140) is pretty meh and might not be worth running if I want the deck to actually work. If that is the case I will replace glorfindel with beregond or the guy who sends them back to staging area to reduce threat to then be comboed by bilbo and eomer. Sorry I'm on my phone so couldn't look up the card.

All that said I plan to get a full night's sleep and finish the edits discussed and repost the deck with some hope that it could actually work

Sep 01, 2021 AltarofPan 39

4 of wands : Completion

Sep 02, 2021 doomguard 1319

there are some 3-times cards. its forbidden by contract

Sep 02, 2021 Angellix 50

@doomguard yea I noticed that and went about fixing other issues as well. @cazathornI posted a new deck with the same title but version two added that appied some of the fixes and then some that seemed interesting such as adding treebeard and some ents to add some more heros. The deck obviously feels like it tries to do too much but its fun in the games i have tested in