Arbestor (Beregond is Burning Out)

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Aorakis 510

Aorakis has a newer deck inspired by this one: Arbestor (Beregond is Burning Out) (Solo/multi Version)

Second version of my old "Arbestor" multiplayer Deck.

This one is more focusing on Beregond and Untaps and match better on 3 players party.

Major Add is Burning Brand + Songs of Wisdom to make our Beregond a beast at defending.

This version is not questing anymore, and really focus mainly on "defending for the party"

However, the SideBoard size is big, so you can easely switch some cards and improve the quest and or combat if needed.

So you can easely adapt it for Solo or 2 players game by just bringing some more WillPower and Attack on multiplayer.

To do that, just remove : 3 Lembas, 3 Eagles, 1 Warden, 1 Captain, 1 Spear

And Add the 9 Outlands Allies ! (Ethir, Anfalas, Knights)

With those change you can play the deck solo and it is working really nicely aswell !

Good thing is that you're not (except for arwen) playing any "Unique" items nor Steward of gondor ! Wich is always nice on multiplayer game !

You also got some healing and damage cancelation wich are always welcome aswell !

Special Thanks to Nostal and Phosgène from the french community who played a version of this deck so we compare our differences and chat a lot about this composition that we both love !

Very funny to play.

Hope you will enjoy it as i do.

Cheers from Belgium.