SilveBoobs (A Treabeard deck)

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Aorakis 510

-Forest is not a place for a lady said the Steward, touching his Rod nervously..

-And what do you know about Forest sir ? Ask the lady of Lorien.

-Well... i ask the big red eye in my palanthir ! And he told me that forests were only nice when burned to the ground ! HOW ABOUT THAT you stupid elf !

-Ohh... i see... but, perhaps you should talk to TreeBeard someday...

-What ? What about my Beard ? I just shaved it !!! You come here, and talk about my beard ? Do you want me to immolate myself and that i jump out of the window aswell... ? My BEARD she said... ! And... And... AND WHAT IS THAT FUC**** Tree you speak about ? The white Tree of Gondor ? You want to speak to him Crazy Girl !!! Well you can also speak to my BIG...."

...That story was'nt of course part of the book... But that conversation between Galadriel and Denethor happened and at the very end... The Steward Jumped ! Like the Olympic Flame ! Such an awesome end for a guy who looked too much crap in his "TV" !

Well, here i present you the 1st version of an Other Treebeard deck !

I also would recommand it more for multiplayers, as the first turns can be low on willpower.

Anyway, nothing fancy here but hey ! Introducing was good right ? ^_^

So... As usual with denethor 2, you want to Mulligan for Steward of Gondor (wich goes on Galadriel) ! Then Nenya and put those attachement on our Tree Three Star !

Once he got his stuff, he will quest, block and crush like a Massive Kauri Tree !

Outlands are just there to bring some willpower, tracker for location control.

Certainly not the best deck on the market, but hey, i just wanted to build something with that woddy beard !

Sideboard is still on work so don't pay attention to it, however i like having at least 10, 15 cards to adapt on multiplayer table and try out some changes to see what is the best !

So for now this is it !

Hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading !

Cheers from Beligum.