PANZER (Beregond 2 Defensive deck)

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PANZER (a 3 to 4 players Defending Deck) 0 1 1 1.0
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Aorakis 510

Aorakis has a newer deck inspired by this one: PANZER (a 3 to 4 players Defending Deck)

Aorakis has a newer deck inspired by this one: PANZER (a 3 to 4 players Defending Deck)

Hi there, here's my new multiplayer TANK deck.

This deck is there for one thing, and one thing only !


You want Steward and Blood of Numenor (or livery) 1st hand !


Pretty simple isn't it ?

Errand are there for sending ressource to the party once Beregond is the Richest man in middle earth !

If the party need some Willpower just make these changes :

-1 Errand -1 Will of the West -1 Counsel -3 Miruvor or Lembas or Cram +3 Ethirs +3 Anfalas

Or if you need some killing (Add those 3 song of battle and Gondorian fire so beregond can kill some big ennemies !)

It's up to you boys ! ;)

Just be careful to Keep an eye on those Will of the West and don't forget to Play the last one you draw so you can shuffle all your discard pile back into your deck and play everything once again !

Have fun !

For Gondor !

Cheers from belgium.



Aug 11, 2016 Aorakis 510

1st big test of this deck on a 3players game on some cycle 3 Nightmare.

First turn Beregond 2 had 1 song + burning brand, 1 steward, 1 numenor blood, 1 unexpected courage.

An almost perfect first turn (1 more untap would have been perfect !)

13nrv played his excellent new Caldara and mndela his really surprising Rohan Deck !

The decks were doing nice together. And that first big test against Dunland ennemies was really good.

I'm looking to add some common cause that i could use on denethor so i could block 1 more time with Beregond or untap a big attacking hero to make him attack another time ! have to check that ! Heir of madril could be an option aswell as i can use steward during combat to get an other untap..

Aug 14, 2016 Seastan 34331

I've seen this in action and it works really well!

Aug 15, 2016 Aorakis 510

Thanks Spock ! First hands are crucial, specially on 4 players.

But after 2, 4 turns this should be tanking a lot for the table.

I still think i'm gonna add those 3 Common Cause and perhaps one heir of mardil. Armored destrier is also a nice option.

I think i'm gonna remove 1 messenger, 1 counsel and 1... i don't know for 3 common or at least two common cause and 1 Mardil.

So it's would be like 15 untaps in there wich might be enough hopefully.

Just have to test that in action. More untaps seem a good change. And common cause could be used on attacking unit like Legolas, Haldir as exhausting Denethor 2 is not a big deal here.