Eagle Hama and Gandalf - To much for one Deck

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Katiro 3

Katiro has a newer deck inspired by this one: Eagle Hama and Gandalf - To much for one Deck

The 3 Hounds are to draw the unique Eagles. Gwaihir's Debt, Gandalf, Elvenlight, Wizard Pipe an Hama are the Combo to pick. In the Mid Game, the Plan is to put Gandalf in the Top spot of your deck whit the Pipe. Gwaihirs debt to put him in, and Hama to pull back Gwaihirs dept (discard Elvenlight).

If there are no Enemys (to pick Gwaihirs Dept from the discard pile) to get Hamas action rolling. You can put Gwaihir or Landroval with Vilya in to play.

Maybe someone like Gildor or the Blue Noldor Girl would be good in this Deck to. But its a little to much already....I dont know. Maybe build two Decks (Eagles / Hama Gandalf Combo)...

My english is not the yellow from the Egg.