HamsterOfWraths First Dual Deck (Old Core Only)

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Passage Through Mirkwood - 1 Player - 2022-02-21
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HamsterOfWrath 1

Inspired by alonewolf87 on the Lotr LCG Discord, the idea is to perpetually discard cards to trigger Eowyns Ability, which leaves her pretty much with Willpower 5 most of the time. Lore Ally cards are included expressly for this purpose. They can be put into play from Discard by using Stand And Fight. With any luck Legolas ends up with the Blade of Gondolin, which means he contributes 3 progess to the quest/location when he defeats an enemy. Some of the tactics cards included can buff allies to off-tank, leaving Eleanor to cancel out Treachery cards (as she isn't needed for defending). Ideally you need a solid Ally to defend early, so Eleanour doesn't need to be Ready to defend (having potentially exhausted earlier on). First deck, new player, be gentle. :)