Party Time at Bag-End

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Badeesh 4

Booze, ladies, good pipe weed. There'll be dwarves, moon-gazing, great food, and if we're really lucky, the Galadhrim themselves might pop in for a pint or three. And we all know how cranky the Trackers get if they can't let their hair down from time to time.

Hope you enjoy what I've found to be a really solid list. I regularly float between 2xSmokeRings and a single Will of the West. It honestly isn't that necessary most of the time, and you can power through to a really great set up quite quickly. Don't worry about being unable to get Caldara up straight away. She's a tempo play, and the Ziggies will keep your resources up. If you can fire her round 1 or 2 and get a tracker, shipwright or pair of each going, you are in great shape, even with a resource less a turn.

I have a pretty old collection, and no doubt there'll be a number of improvements that can be made to this list with later cards, but I've found it a solid companion and hope you enjoy it too.

I've also noticed there are similar'sh Caldara lists floating about, but none that leverage Frodo's unstoppable 'fall over backwards' defense and the Good Meals. So I guess that's my only real contribution to the think-tank, but it's a fun list and setups can be ridiculously fast. After all, everybody likes a party.

Thanks for reading. If you do take it for a spin, would love to hear your experiences. Enjoy!