theORfyn (Theoden-Glorfindel-Eowyn)

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Aorakis 510

Hi there, long time !

And long time i haven't played that good old Theoden 1st of his name !

And of course, i had to test this Eowyn + Uncle T combo !

(and let me say that... Questing 8wp with just 2 tactics heroes is strongly fun !)

So yes, i could add a mablung, legolas, nor any other tactic hero to go with them... BUT, i found This Good Old Glorfindel 2, to be much more helpful on some points...

Points like : Low Starting Threat (23), Test of will, Elrond counsels, Rivendell Blades + Foe Hammer, Double Back, Snowmane....

Basically, this deck is pretty ultra simple to play, nothing fancy at all !

Theoden get Snowmane + Golden Shield + Dagger

Rivendell blades goes on Glorfindel & Legolas Ally

Steed of the Mark + 2 Daggers on Eowyn so she can quest and attack for 2 to 5 attacks (with 2 daggers)

In the end, those 3 heroes can quest, untap, and do some good fight and damage !

Allies brings some Willpower, Defense/Trash and attack.

Draw came from mathom, Foe and Legolas and is probably the major weakness of this deck (having a Weapon + Foe or Mathom 1st is always good)

Threat is managed by counsels and double back

Good harvest helps paying those 3, 4 cost cards.

Not the best deck on the market, but defenalty a smooth, easy and polyvalent one that can make a lot of wp and dish out some ennemies.

Hope you'll enjoy it.