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Aorakis 385

Hi there,

I found this little Halbarad + Boromir combo while playing with Jban who was using it in his really fun and funky deck (Amarthiul - Treebeard - Pippin2)

I switch Treebeard for Eowyn, so i start lower on threat (22)

I found Tighten our belts very good in this deck. Long time i haven't played that card, it still works really good !

"A Very good tale" can trash your Raiment, Vigilant and Valandil attachement So use those Wisely.

If you don't like that Halbarad + Boromir combo, you defenatly can just Remove tose 2xBoromir and 1xVigillant so you get back to 49 cards, there you can just add a 3rd copy of Peace and Thought

here a "no boromir" version i'm using and wich work really well (i also add legolas for some more punch-draw) : http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/3197/walker-texas-dunedains-1.0

Those decks manage some solo but i found them even better on multiplayer.

Hope you'll like those.

(Thanks to Jban for that little Hal"BOR"ad combo)

Cheers from Belgium