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Arrhias 138


The objectif of this deck is killing enemy before the engaged phase.

Thalin give 1 damageto the first enemy, argalad give a second damage if the of enemy is null. So Secret vigil down this, the ranger spikes too. And bow of the galadhrim up attack of argalad to down to. So a lot of utils to give the second damage. Damrod is here for trap. Damrod go in quest, if you have wingfoot annonce ennemy each time (if you don't know the card), to untap this and deal a damage after with ranger bow.

If the enemy have more 3 heal, you have event forest patrol if he has a trap (3 damage), Arrows from the trees can use to give another deal. The ressource of Thalin is not real use so you can pay the bonus of arrows from the trees.

For optimise, Henamarth Riversong and Rumour from the Earth help you to know if a enemy comming.

Ok if you can't kill.

If you obligatory engage Derndingle Warrior tank the enemy if you engage, Forest Snare help if you don't kill with your attack. Pursuing the Enemy if you have Galadhon Archer.

If stay in aera staying: If he has Poisoned Stakes he loose 2 damages... Put an Galadhon Archer, to give an other damage.

For the draw, we have damrod and Master of the Forge

For threat secret vigil

The another card is for :

Anborn to get back a trap Mablung for quest and stay an enemy in aera staying. Master of the Forge to find a lot of Attachment Treebeard to pay ent, quest Wellinghall Preserver to heal Derndingle Warrior and quest Lembas to ready and heal heros