Brand Son of Bain Solo Challenge Deck Feb2017 FOS

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mschipper 2

One handed deck constructed for the BGG LOTR LCG Challenge against Foundations of Stone in Story Mode.

Get Song of Kings onto Brand Son of Bain ASAP in opening hand if possible. Use Imladris Stargazer to search the deck if needed.


Feb 03, 2017 D4rkWolf10 486

Hi @mschipper, cool deck you have posted here. I'd like to participate in the event and had a question about one detail: how many times are you permitted to play a scenario before you score it and post it? It seems like one could easily replay a scenario multiple times until a super optimal score is achieved. I'd like to not cheat so I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks, look forward to your response!

Feb 03, 2017 mschipper 2

Hi there. You can try the Scenario as many times as you like in the month. ;) Im not the best player either so ill need all the chances i can get. LOL